Drop-In Sessions

A typical BARK Drop-In Session

A typical B.A.R.K. Drop-In Session

In addition to the research studies that Dr. Binfet and his team run, B.A.R.K. offers “Drop-In” sessions (typically on Tuesday and Friday afternoons) for the larger university community. For each Drop-In, there are usually 15 dogs brought to campus and the format is very flexible, with students, faculty, and staff visiting dogs in an informal setting. To track the number of community members making use of the Drop-Ins, visitors fill our PRE- and Post-Stress “temperature checks” (requires indicating on a thermometer how stressed folks are when they arrive to the lab and then again when they leave the lab after having spent time with one or more of the B.A.R.K. dogs). Looking to spend time with therapy dogs, reduce your stress, and meet others from UBCO, consider visiting a Drop-In. Each semester, the dates for our Drop-Ins are posted both on the B.A.R.K. website and on Facebook.